Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another day in paradise

We're just finishing up a good old fashion blizzard!
The winds have been blowing steady at around 40-50km with gusts near 100km. All night the house shook and groaned and I prayed that the roof wouldn't blow away.
Apparently, somebody should have been doing the same for the Inuvik Airport. It's roof looks like somebody has taken a huge can opener to it.

The whole town, actually the whole Mackenzie Delta and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, was shut down yesterday. Many towns are still shut down.
We stayed home and had a fabulous blizzard day complete with coconut pancakes and lots of hot cocoa!

Later on in the afternoon, we had a nice family walk around the neighbourhood because that's what you do when the blizzard comes into town:
I walked to work this morning and it was still pretty blustery. If I don't make it home on time I'm probably stuck in a snow drift or something.

Stay warm!

ETA- It's Friday now and it's still blowing 40km with gusts of 60km. Now I know how everybody up here looks so young. They get their wrinkles snowblasted off them every winter .
To everybody down in Vancouver/Van Island area: Quit your freaking whining.

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