Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dog Mail

The mail is here! The mail is here!

Our lovely friend Nancy down at the BeezKneez in Whitehorse posted us a letter via the Percy de Wolfe Memorial Mail Race.  The race follows a historical mail route from Dawson City, Yukon to Eagle, Alaska and return. That's a 338 km ( 210 mile) route done in a 24 hour period. One of their fundraising efforts is selling letters that will carried by the dogs on the route. Once it reaches Eagle, the letter is then mailed to you with postmarks from both Canada and US. How cool is that?!?! 


Not only that, but our other fabulous friend Gaetan, won the Percy Junior Race (160km) which is AMAZINGBALLS considering that he has only been racing for 4 years.

Here's Gaetan, myself, Nancy and Kevin. The photo that was taken this past March, almost 4 years to the day that we met.

The race also as a skijoring event that runs 160km. Which brings me to this new favorite way to try to break my neck LOL!

That's me with Lyra on the right and her buddy Biscuit on the left pulling my bacon lovin' ass down along the river.
Lyra LOVES to pull. She always gives me a big wide crap-eating grin at the end of the run.

Loulou is a bit disconcerted about this whole pulling business. It's new and it's against the rules. Poor thing has been so well trained to not pull on leash that the idea of pulling has her twisted in this internal struggle of training versus nature.
Poor Lou. All confused!
Have a fabulous week!
I'm going skijoring!


  1. Dear Jen,

    First and foremost, I enjoyed a lot reading your blog entries and the photos. I have never imagined the Canadian arctic can be so beautiful.

    My name is Vincent and I have stayed with Pat and Grethe (who gave me your blog address) for a couple of years in Victoria and my room was located right opposite to Kevin's. =) In any case, nice meeting you and please say hi to Kevin if he can remember the guy from Hong Kong who now treats Kevin and Karate the same word. =P Cheers.

    1. Hi Vincent, it has been a time, hope all is well with you and yours. As Jen says, arctic is home, and it is fantastic. Jen has a way of capturing the beauty in her photos of the area, and the reality is more amazing than what movies or books suggest.

      It was great hearing from you, now I feel not so young. Send us some contact info through P and G and tell us more of what you have been upto.



  2. =) It sounds like you do enjoy life at your home, which is good to hear. I wish one day I can earn enough money (and more importantly, annual leave) to travel around and to see with my own eyes the beautiful scene.

    Unfortunately I will be busy this August or else, I may have a chance to catch up with all of you at your parents’ anniversary celebration. In any case, I have sent them my contact and hope to have a chance to see you again. Take care.