Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgivin', Arctic style

OK. I've been a crappy blogger.
It's been absurdly busy. According to my day planner, I had only 2 days off in September. It feels like it. I need to get a new dayplanner. Preferably one with more days off...

I just got out of a non-stop week and a half of meetings in Whitehorse.
My darling, dashingly handsome husband and mutts drove down to Whitehorse and met me there for the last few days. We then piled into the van and drove up the Dempster for Thanksgiving weekend road trip. It's the closest we're gonna have to a family vacation for a while.

Before leaving the big city of Whitehorse, I batted my eyelashes and casted some wifely witchery towards darling husband and got him to pick me up a  new Remington compact 870 20 gauge shotgun. Some girls ask for shoes. I am apparently not of that species.

Here's a linky to a youtube vid of the how we fill the Thanksgiving table up here. ( I can't seem to embed the YouTube vid onto my blog. I've already spent half and hour waiting for it to upload).

I'm waiting for them to be cleaned and then I'll butcher and marinate them.

BTW, please go over to the Aviva Community Fund and register to vote for Arctic Paws. It's a local group that I'm part of that's trying to raise money to get a mobile vet clinic for the Beaufort Delta. You can vote everyday!

Happy Thanksgiving ( I hope to have photos of the ptarmigan up soon.)

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